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World Creation

Guides on VRChat world creation. Unity materials, lightmapping, coding, workflows and more.

Occlusion Culling and You

Occlusion culling is a complicated topic, and pretty easy to misunderstand. With this guide, I'm hoping I can give people a bet...

Post Processing and You

Post-processing is an arcane topic if you've never dealt with it before. And with changing standards, and years of various game...

Reflection Probes and You

Unity's reflection probe system is a little confusing and convoluted at first. Things that would seem to be good practice turn ...

Standard Shader and You

This book covers how to use Standard/PBR shading and make stuff look nice, in simple terms,

Repositioning Remote Players

How to make a world that lets you walk on walls

The VRChat Creation Compendium

Concisely explains every aspect of Avatar and World creation for VRChat. Additionally teaches all one needs to know about compu...

Light Baking and You

Lighting in Unity is a complicated topic. It's also very slow. It can feel like a ton of trial and error. To remove some of tha...

Maebbie's precise Solutions

An assortment of specialized guides for unique problems within VR, Unity & Blender.

Guide to MMD Dance World Full Support Logic

When people made or custom own avatar, I would assume they try and see how it is at MMD dance world which is good way to confir...

Create Your First VRChat World

Video version: This is the script of a video tutorial s...

[InProgress] Multi-Channel Live Audio Streams

Using multi-channel audio in world is a work around to apply real-time effects to live audio streams, since audio-filters do no...

Vowgan's Tutorials

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