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Create Your First VRChat World

Video version:

This is the script of a video tutorial series about how to create your first VRChat World using a Unity-only workflow.

This is a project-based course which will end with having a made a unique room and understanding the basics of world creation, such as using Unity and the VRChat SDK, constructing unique geometry with Probuilder, materials and PBR textures, detailed lighting, the asset store and external models and prefabs, World Space UI, Udon, pickupabbles, and Quest compatibility.

Introduction to Unity and VRChat Creator Companion

Have you ever wanted to make your own VRChat world but never knew how to start? Creating an in...

Introduction to Unity

Teaches the concepts of Unity required for world creation. Most everything here pertains exclusiv...

Introduction to VRChat Specific Unity stuff

The topics under this section will address things in Unity that are specific to VRChat.