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Guide to MMD Dance World Full Support Logic

When people made or custom own avatar, I would assume they try and see how it is at MMD dance world which is good way to confirm most of modelling is without issue as movement be non-intentional way.
In the case, if you just enjoy MMD world, you want your avatar’s face gesture and mouth synced to world setting?
Yes, you can do that also with Avatar 3.0.
All process carried automatically so you don’t need to add expression menu item to toggle it.
(*Only some world supports All feature, most are only support part.)
This guide explains what you need to done for people with general knowledge of Avatar 3.0 and tell you what to do.

Please note: When you read these documents, I assume it is at least custom animation is under working state which means your avatar do dancing when start animation at MMD dance world. If it not works at all, you may have unusual blendshape name which needed to match VRChat standard to make it animate.