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Udon Benchmarking and performance tests

A few weeks ago I benchmarked Udon, and I decided to share the results here.
So if you're curious to know how to make your U# code more performant, you can check it out here!

The introduction just explains how I benchmarked Udon.
In the second chapter, I share all my benchmarking results.
I also give a few optimization tips in the last chapter.

For questions, you can contact me on Twitter ( or post comments.


Last update : February 2023 As many of you may already know, Udon can be pretty slow, but I was ...

Let's run some benchmarks!

In this chapter I am executing scripts in C# and U#, and compare execution times

Other Udon optimization tips

Update events, like Update() or FixedUpdate() It is generally not recommended to execute code ev...