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[InProgress] Multi-Channel Live Audio Streams

Using multi-channel audio in world is a work around to apply real-time effects to live audio streams, since audio-filters do not work with AVPro. There are other uses cases as well, such as multi-lingual streams, or even sending data into a world via a channel beyond the default two channels.

Accessibility in VRChat Worlds

VR allows for creators to build anything they imagine for others to experience. While this is great considerations should be taken to make the world accessible to all where possible. The goal is to increase awareness of the various disabilities people may have in VR. This is, in its initial form, based on my individual experiences. I am a Epileptic (no seizures luckily) with VERY strong astigmatism and retina damage. This makes living and experiencing VR more difficult than the average person. I am pushing for more awareness of people with visual issues like myself. This document may be incomplete or incorrect and is based on my current understanding. Please suggest any changes or additional disabilities to add to this book.

Applying Custom Normals to Avatars

Control the lighting of your avatar's face the quick and lazy way.

Avatar Optimization

Avatar SDK3.0 Troubleshooting - Common Errors/Issues

My avatar is turning into an eldritch being! Help!

Blu's Avatar Creation Standards

A guidline on good and optimal Avatar Creation in VRChat. This is all based on my own research and should be interpreted as a general idea of what to do when creating Avatars.

Blu's World Creation Notes

Self-notes based on my hobbyist experience making VRChat Worlds.

Create Your First VRChat World

Video version: This is the script of a video tutorial series about how to create your first VRChat World using a Unity-only workflow. This is a project-based course which will end with having a made a unique room and understanding the basics of world creation, such as using Unity and the VRChat SDK, constructing unique geometry with Probuilder, materials and PBR textures, detailed lighting, the asset store and external models and prefabs, World Space UI, Udon, pickupabbles, and Quest compatibility.

Creator Companion and Package Manager Guide

A guide for using VRChat Creator Companion and authoring packages compatible with VRChat Package Manager

Creator Companion Notes

Easy Avatar 3.0 Toggles

Make toggle-able objects for your avatar, the easy way: with a community created tool!

Fax's Retrospectives and Prefabs

Sharing some of my experiences and assets with ✨YOU✨

Guide to MMD Dance World Full Support Logic

When people made or custom own avatar, I would assume they try and see how it is at MMD dance world which is good way to confirm most of modelling is without issue as movement be non-intentional way. In the case, if you just enjoy MMD world, you want your avatar’s face gesture and mouth synced to world setting? Yes, you can do that also with Avatar 3.0. All process carried automatically so you don’t need to add expression menu item to toggle it. (*Only some world supports All feature, most are only support part.) This guide explains what you need to done for people with general knowledge of Avatar 3.0 and tell you what to do. Please note: When you read these documents, I assume it is at least custom animation is under working state which means your avatar do dancing when start animation at MMD dance world. If it not works at all, you may have unusual blendshape name which needed to match VRChat standard to make it animate.

Handy Dandy Shorts

This book aims to cover some creative aspects I've encountered that are often overlooked / unknown but too short to write so much about! They will contain very short pages about each topic meant to give you a concise & practical response on a single topic. This will cover Unity, Blender & more, ranging from simple "did you know that ?" from full addon tutorials applied for VRChat.

How to Make a Menu Toggle For 3.0 Avatars

Turn on or off something using a menu toggle.

How to Upload an Avatar

The basics of installing and getting familiar with the VRChat Creator Companion and Unity, and importing an avatar, either from a demo scene, a prefab, or an FBX file. You will be able to upload the avatar using VRChat's Avatar 3.0 system!

Light Baking and You

Lighting in Unity is a complicated topic. It's also very slow. It can feel like a ton of trial and error. To remove some of that trial and error, this book summarizes a lot of important information that's good to know about light baking. This is based on my guide at

Lightbulb's Tutorials / Tips / Tricks

A collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks.