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(Sample Picture)

GameObject contain Face mesh required to be named as “Body” on FBX level.

In some case, edit name on unity not works on all the worlds, I personally recommend change name on blender instead while working to add blendshape name too.





(Sample Picture)

“Body” GameObject required to located just below root of avatar, it cannot be somewhere else.




Face mesh required to have VRChat default and JP MMD Morph Blendshape name at least.

Please find attached link below to find Japanese and English MMD Morph Name.


*Japanese Version MMD Morph / 日本語版MMDモーフ名* (内容は二つとも同じ) (Written in English) (日本語で記載)

*English Version MMD Morph / 英語版MMDモーフ名* (Optional)


*According to our internal research, only limited number of worlds support English blendshape, as result, English morph is optional. Also, mouth may not work.


*In some case, JP/EN blendshape name conflict each other, to prevent this, add toggle bool to make animation -100% of others to make it use only JP or EN at the time. This method prevent issue such as 200% value of blendshape.




**In Any Cases, If you changed GameObject name or Blendshape name, you are more likely need to re-make all of animation on your avatar, please backup and do your job.

I’ll reference tools to setup animation basic.



* (VRCAvatar Editor by Gatosyocora)

* (Combo GestureExpressions by Hai)


=Debug Blendshape=

If you just want to debug that blendshape is working while gesture not works, remove all “Playable Layers” and upload to VRChat. You cannot use gesture but can check model part be fine.



モデルのシェープキー設定が正しいかを確認するだけであれば全ての”Playable Layer”を外せばGestureなども効かなくなりますが確認できます。デバグにご活用ください。





When MMD animation done (or respawn in middle), there is bug on some worlds that blendshape not reset properly, as result your avatar not animate from 2nd songs onwards. To resolve this situation, put small value to override all blendshape (smaller value will not have visible difference so will prevent falsie face, prefer to be value not used by your default blendshape) then reset to your default face value.