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World Work in Blender (Advanced Users)

Level Design in Blender

You can greybox your basic level design and shapes in Unity using Probuilder, and using Probuilder’s export feature or the FBX exporter (download in package manager) you can export your assets for further modification and detailing, with the scale intact.

See Maebbie's guide for a round-trip workflow

You could also make interiors completely in Blender using ArchViz add-ons, like Archimesh!


Custom bevel profiles will be extremely useful for detailing (from chairs to stairs, baseboards and columns, etc.).

You can move around the viewport in fly/walk mode in Blender using SHIFT+`, similar to the scene navigation in Unity.

If you want to create a scene in Blender to match a photo (REFERENCE PHOTOS ARE SUPER IMPORTANT!!), using the free fSpy is fantastic to do the first thing, which is lining up the 3D camera!

Blender now has support for VR scene viewing, with support for Oculus and Windows MR. You can view it with a Vive or Index by opting into the SteamVR beta. (Blender uses OpenXR, a standard SteamVR only just started supporting in its beta.)


Editing Assets in Blender

Topology is important; if you have bad topology on your mesh, it will be unnecessarily difficult to work with.

Plenty of meshes you find online will have horrible, unworkable topology.

There are programs/addons to remesh, including (surprisingly good) free ones:


Modeling your own assets in Blender

Unlike avatars, the assets you will model for a world use a different workflow, known as hard-surface modelling.

(SUPER IMPORTANT) learn the difference between destructive and non-destructive modelling:

- just watch this one, you don't have to follow along. It uses paid add-ons called HardOps and BoxCutter but they are not necessary to understand the concepts and techniques taught in the video.

Hard Surface Modeling in Blender - YT playlist, requires familiarity with Blender


Bake normal maps for high-poly meshes in Blender, then lower the poly count (advanced)