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Gathering Tools

To upload custom content to the game, you must install a specific version of Unity, the VRChat SDK, and use a VRChat account (not Steam or Oculus) of at least New User (Blue) ranking.

Installing Unity

You will want to install the Unity Hub, as it makes managing Unity easier. Download here and then click this link to download the version of Unity that VRChat currently uses.

Then you want to download the VRChat SDK here from the Downloads tab on VRChat’s website after logging in.
If you are starting a new project, you will want to download VRCSDK3. There are two versions: one for avatars and one for worlds.

You may also want Blender, a free 3D modeling software.

Unity Interface

Create a new project by opening Unity Hub, selecting New in the top right corner and set the template to 3D (VRChat does not support the other templates).


Note that every GameObject contains a Transform component; the transform of an object defines its position, rotation and scale on the X, Y, and Z axes.


  • Q or middle mouse drags
  • W adjusts position
  • E adjusts rotation
  • R adjusts scale



  • Don’t forget to switch between center vs pivot and local vs global!
  • Hold alt while left clicking on a sub-hierarchy arrow to completely expand/contract it!
  • Press F to focus on a selected object; hold F while dragging to follow.