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Anyone who’s tried to learn creating content for VRChat understands the lack of collected, concise learning materials. Tutorials are scattered, with many being barebones, outdated or go against best practices (including VRChat’s official documentation). The goal of this compendium is to congregate the up-to-date tutorials and documentation, along with distilled knowledge to help both those who want to start creating and those who already are. Especially for VRChat (a VR application that must render in real-time), learning the techniques to make content that both looks appealing and performs well is essential.

Text, sections and video links enclosed in this blue info box are optional reading; they will typically explain why something functions the way it does.

Topic headers will have links to the official documentation (provided they exist). You do not need to read these but I would recommend doing so if you are stuck or are curious about a certain topic.

In Unity, you can click (the blue book with the ? or the circle with the ? in Unity 2019+) on any component and it will take you to the respective documentation.