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Udon is how to make code in VRChat worlds. It is a visual scripting language, which means it uses blocks and nodes rather than traditional lines of code.

If you already know C# and would rather use it to write your Udon scripts using lines of code, you can use UdonSharp[] to do so.

Getting Started with Udon[]
VRChat Udon Tutorials

Many people view coding as a daunting black box. As a programmer myself, I can assure you that a basic understanding of it’s principles is not as complex as some portray it. The best advice I can offer you is:

  • Take it slow, don’t try to learn everything at once
  • Don’t dabble or attempt to modify a piece of code until you know what it does
  • Go in with a logical mindset

The last one is paramount. Think about the exact logical steps a computer would have to accomplish to achieve a desired result. Then putting it together will mostly be a process of translating that logic into computer code.

Oh, and the 2 most important tips:
WRITE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unity runs on C#, so if you would like to start learning a programming language, C# would be a great place to start. As of writing Brackeys is creating a tutorial series on programming for Unity. HOW TO PROGRAM in C# YT playlist


Data types:

  • Boolean - true or false
  • Int - an integer
  • Float - a decimal
  • String - a collection of characters

Note that ints in C# are 32-bit, which means they have a limit of ~2.1 billion, positive or negative. Exceeding this limit will result in overflow, which will cause errors.

Alternatively you can use the community-developed UdonSharp. It will translate C# script into Udon Behavior. It is more reliable, and if you have basic coding experience I would recommend using it over Udon’s visual script.