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Encouragement message

You’ve made it this far, don’t give up! Stay curious and never stop learning new things!

The best way to improve your art is through practice and taking all feedback into account, learning what you should keep doing and what you should avoid!

Creation can be incredibly satisfying, but not when you don’t know what you’re doing! Keep taking in educational and informational resources!

More learning resources:

VRChat Documentation[]


(Not VRChat specific)
Unity 2018.4 Manual - Unity general info[]
Official Unity Tutorials (not HDRP, URP/LWRP, 2D, ECS nor DOTS)
Brackeys - concise Unity tutorials
CGMatter - Entertaining and concise Blender tutorials
Digital Foundry - In-depth game technical analysis
Game-maker’s toolkit - Game design analysis

Still can’t find what you’re looking for or need the answer to a question?

Exert a valiant effort in looking it up (first check official documentation)
Post to the Unity[]/VRChat forums[]

My Video tutorials

I now have my own concise scripted video tutorials! Check out my YouTube channel!

If you want to make your own tutorials, I would recommend watching these videos first:

Why I Wrote This Compendium

In my experience learning how to create worlds and avatars for VRChat, I was unsatisfied with the lack of concise and up-to-date resources that follow best practices. In asking many creators on VRChat how they learned their skills, none gave me a satisfying, replicable method.

Many in VRChat I have spoken to wanted to create their own models, but had not a clue how to start. It seemed to me that what those people needed was a holistic guide, not segmented ones. That was my intention in writing this compendium.


If you can translate this compendium into another language, please do so and link to this English original.


I believe that constructive criticism is the most useful type of feedback one can receive; it doesn’t criticize you, it critiques your actions or your work, it tells you exactly what you’re doing wrong and gives you ideas on how to improve. If you can comment on how to improve this guide I implore you to do so and may incorporate your suggestions and/or information into a revision. We’re all learning together.

This compendium and the written content within is not affiliated with VRChat Inc.