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Book Style Guide

The entire wiki is still a work-in-progress! These guidelines are subject to change. If you have a suggestion, let us know!

We invite anyone to share their knowledge on Please follow these guidelines when submitting content.


  1. Focus on sharing knowledge.
  2. Your content should relate to VRChat world or avatar creation.
  3. Respect the platform, don't be malicious.
  4. Organize your content, make it readable.
  5. When collaborating with other users, communicate and set a good example.

We also reserve the right to remove books if they are of low quality (or very out of date).

Personal Books

All users can create their own books, to share guides, personal experiences, or other knowledge you'd like to share with a wider audience. As the author of the book, you are responsible for its content - other users cannot modify it, and admins will not edit your content (except for moderation and tagging purposes). When creating your book, keep the following things in mind:

Share your knowledge

This wiki is meant as a resource for people to learn and share their VRChat knowledge. Try to keep that in mind when structuring your content! For example, books can be...

  • Guides and Tutorials. These can be beginner-focused, or go in-depth on expert topics!
  • Educational resources or knowledge to better understand VRChat, Unity or Social VR as a platform.
  • "Blog"-style pages for sharing personal insights. What have you learned from your mistakes and successes?

If your book isn't focused on sharing knowledge, it's probably not a good fit for this wiki.

It's about VRChat content creation

  • Unity: Udon, world creation, light baking, animation, world design, etc.
  • Tools: Blender, Udon, Substance, Git, Audacity, etc.
  • Design: Design documents, workflows, post-mortems, dev logs, etc.
  • Community: Marketing your content, managing a community, dealing with feedback, etc.

It's totally OK if your book has knowledge that is useful outside VRChat. However, don't submit content that isn't related to the creation of VRChat content. For exmaple, this isn't a place for sharing your thoughts and grudges about people or groups of people!

We currently don't have specific rules on self-promotion. But we must ask that you respect VRCLibrary's community and readers. Don't be malicious!

Keeping things organized

Please structure your content in a way that integrates well into the wiki. This can be difficult to get right, but here's a few tips:

Books about a single topic
  • Great if you're covering something long or complex that requires multiple pages.
  • If you add tags to the book itself, you may not need to add tags to chapters or pages.
  • For example, Silent's "Standard Shader and You" is great for anyone wanting to get in-depth knowledge about Unity's standard shader.
Books about multiple topics
  • Good if you're sharing bite-sized information about different types of topics that are too small for their own book.
  • Make sure to tag each page of your book. Otherwise it might be difficult for users to find your content.
  • For example, Fax has a book about various worlds and prefabs he's made.

Collaborative Books

If you've received permission from a moderator, you can edit the content of collaborative books. You're looking at a collaborative book right now! These follow the same rules as personal books, but here's some additional things to consider:

  • Use the "Set changelog" feature when editing a page. This makes it easier for other collaborators to understand what you've changed.
  • Keep in touch with other collaborators and the community!
  • We expect your content to be of a higher standard that personal books.

In conclusion

Thank you for being willing to contribute to the wiki! We're all here because we're passionate about VRChat creation, and hope that these rules help facilitate an environment where we can learn from each other. We can't wait to see what you come up with! ❤