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Support / Troubleshooting

When in doubt, visit out Discord at

Where's my confirmation email? Check your spam forlder! is relatively new, and our confirmation emails are likely to get filtered by your email provider. If you're struggling with email registration, consider registering in via Discord, or contact our staff.
How to I restore a page I deleted? Deleted content is kept for up to 30 days. Contact out Discord staff to have your content restored. Just, uh, try to be more careful next time!
How do I delete my account?

In the top right, click on your name, then on 'Edit Profile'. In your profile page, select 'delte user'. You will be asked to confirm your account deletion. If you've created any pages, you may decide which user should receive ownership of your pages.

If you've submitted personal books to VRCLibrary, you may ask us to remove them.

How does [...] work on the wiki? VRClibrary uses the Bookstack wiki system. Their community is quite active, so you'll probably find the answer over there!