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Quest Limitations

Now, to make things work on the Quest, VRChat has quite a few limitations you’ll have to follow for uploading content.

Avatars are by far the strictest, though the added freedom in world making leaves a lot of things you’ll have to take into account yourself.

I won’t go over ALL the requirements, you can view all of them on the documentation (which this one IS caught up and accurate) but I’ll try to cover the biggest ones.

For starters, file size.

Worlds cannot be over 100mb when uploading (double what it used to be at 50) and avatars are limited to 10mb each.

While this sounds restrictive for creators that are used to no limits, there’s no reason that your PC build needs to be identical with the Quest.

For example, textures and other assets can be imported differently on different platforms.

Making Quest Content _ VRChat SDK Tutorial 3-20 screenshot.png

A detailed 2k texture on PC can be imported as 1k or even less for Android, though I’m sure you’ll want to have the experiences about as similar to each other as possible, so play around with what settings you feel work best for your use case.