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Avatar Creation

Learn useful techniques related to avatar creation. Unity, Blender and more.

The VRChat Creation Compendium

Concisely explains every aspect of Avatar and World creation for VRChat. Additionally teaches all one needs to know about compu...

Standard Shader and You

This book covers how to use Standard/PBR shading and make stuff look nice, in simple terms,

Applying Custom Normals to Avatars

Control the lighting of your avatar's face the quick and lazy way.

Manual texture/material merging

Some tips on combining materials in case you want to optimize your avatar or are going to do a quest version

How to Make a Menu Toggle For 3.0 Avatars

Turn on or off something using a menu toggle.

Random Assorted Tips With Trixxed

Various small things I've learned over the years that'll probably help you!

Rigging & Armatures - Full explanation/A deeper dive

In this book I'll attempt to fully explain armatures, bones & transforms

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

A beginners guide for people new to VRChat avatars. This guide is specifically geared towards people that have or are about ...

Avatar SDK3.0 Troubleshooting - Common Errors/Issues

My avatar is turning into an eldritch being! Help!

Transform Manipulations for Dummies

Do you like math? Do you like vectors? Do you want to know how to do vector math with transforms? "But why would you even wa...

Blu's Avatar Creation Standards

A guidline on good and optimal Avatar Creation in VRChat. This is all based on my own research and should be interpreted as a g...

Easy Avatar 3.0 Toggles

Make toggle-able objects for your avatar, the easy way: with a community created tool!

How to Upload an Avatar

The basics of installing and getting familiar with the VRChat Creator Companion and Unity, and importing an avatar, either from...

Vowgan's Tutorials

Fill this out later

Unity/VRChat Performance Benchmarks

This is a writeup on the performance (mostly focused on frame time) of components in Unity and VRChat. This book is a port of ...