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What are the different layers used for in VRChat? What special properties of some specific layers should you know?

Below I've listed the currently used (+ reserved) layers and their use cases based on experimentation using my layer inspection tools.

My layer research is currently ongoing and information on this page may still be incomplete!

Any object set to 19-21: reserved2-4 will be forced to 0: Default on build (You can still manually force the layer during runtime)

No Name Description Visual elements Notes
0 Default Default layer
  • Avatar pedestals

1 TransparentFX

2 IgnoreRaycast

4 Water
  • Portals
  • Mirrors

5 UI

Interactive objects on this layer can't be interacted with unless the menu is open

Colliders of remote players exist on this layer

8 Interactive

9 Player
  • Remote players

10 PlayerLocal
  • Local player without head

VRCMirrorReflection refuses to render this layer anymore (because it's creepy?)

11 Environment

12 UiMenu
  • Nameplates

13 Pickup Default pickup layer

14 PickupNoEnvironment

15 StereoLeft

16 StereoRight

17 Walkthrough

18 MirrorReflection
  • Complete local player (shown in mirrors and cameras)

Only layer that isn't rendered by the main camera (local player's sees the headless copy of themselves on layer 10)

Colliders on this layer don't block VRChat raycasts

19 reserved2
  • HUD
  • Main menu
  • Camera UI
  • Camera lens
  • Tooltips

Will render over everything

20 reserved3

21 reserved4