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Audio Accessibility

Each person hears hears differently, some with larger differences than others.


Deafness is ruduced or loss of hearing. Common symptoms include

  • Difficulty hearing or understanding words
  • Hearing muffled sound or speech
  • Listening at a higher than usual volume

Visual cues should accompany audio cues in the world.

Single ear Deafness: Symptoms of loss of hearing may appear in a single ear, Audio cues should be played in both ears.

Loss of hearing specific frequencies: Sometimes hearing loss takes form in a reduction of perceived frequencys, usually at higher frequencies. Audio cues should span a wide frequency range to reduce the chance of the cue being unheard by the player.

Easily Startled

Some people are easily startled by sudden sharp noises. A Warning in the spawn of the world should be provided. Even if the intent of the sudden sound is to startle the player.

Language Barrier

Audio with words that must be heard by the player should be acompanied by subtitles.