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Avatar requirements

This part is obsolete and currently being rewrite due to the introduction of VCC
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When looking in the readme file and the description on store page, you will be looking for things the avatar project requires, items like these shaders lilToonShader, PoiyomiToonShader, UnityChanToonShader, ArkToonShader, JewelryShader, and scripts like Dynamic Bones and SDK version.

SDK version

SDK is usually very straightforward, if it only says SDK then they mean SDK2 and otherwise they will specifically mention SDK3. Please be aware that SDK2 is considered obsolete and will no longer be maintained for features. SDK files can be downloaded for free from the VRChat website.


Shaders can usually be found on or GitHub. If you can’t find the shader because the website/project no longer exists then always double check if the shader is included with the package. Google can also be a great help to find a specific shader.

Dynamic bones

Dynamic bones is a separate package from the unity store website. You can buy this for +/- 20 dollars. If you are stuck on a budget then it's worth waiting and keeping an eye on it as it often goes on sale with a neat 50% discount.

Once you own dynamic bones, you can apply it to any unity project you want. Including your own projects when you perhaps make your own avatar in the future. There are also plenty of guides on YouTube that will help you add dynamic bones to avatars that don’t use Dynamic Bones.


Please be aware that Physic Bones has been released, this feature is provided by VRChat for free and is included with the current version of SDK3. This replaces Dynamic Bones!

The sole reason you would still need Dynamic Bones is when you want to import an old avatar with Dynamic Bones and convert them to Physic Bones. This conversion can't be done without the Dynamic Bones package.