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VRCLibrary was created quite recently. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Discord, the comments section, or via email.

The wiki is organized into Books, similar to a library. Browsing VRCLibrary is easy:


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This wiki uses a system called BookStack. It's like a library: All content is organized into books. Books have pages with text, images or videos. It's different from other wikis, but simple!

Here's a description from the official website.

What is Bookstack?

A platform for storing and organising information and documentation. Details for BookStack can be found on the official website at https://www.bookstackapp.com/.

BookStack is an opinionated wiki system that provides a pleasant and simple out-of-the-box experience. New users to an instance should find the experience intuitive and only basic word-processing skills should be required to get involved in creating content on BookStack. The platform should provide advanced power features to those that desire it but they should not interfere with the core simple user experience.

BookStack is not designed as an extensible platform to be used for purposes that differ to the statement above.

In regard to development philosophy, BookStack has a relaxed, open & positive approach. At the end of the day this is free software developed and maintained by people donating their own free time.

How is content organized?

The principles of storing information within BookStack is based of the ideas of a normal stack of books. Just like normal books, BookStack books can contain chapters and pages. You start off by creating a book which acts as the highest level of categorisation. Ideally you’d have separate books for separate topics.

Within a book you can directly create pages or you can first create chapters. Chapters provide an additional level of page grouping to keep pages organised but are optional. All the information you write is held within pages. Although books and chapters do not hold information they can be given a short description to assist with searching and visibility.

Once you start to stack-up books you can start to use Bookshelves to organise your Books. Bookshelves can contain multiple books and a single book could be placed on multiple Bookshelves.

Books     Chapters     Pages     Draft Pages     Bookshelves

How do I..?

If you'd like to know more about BookStack itself

Visit the documentation at https://www.bookstackapp.com/docs/.

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