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What is and for who is this guide?

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

What is is a Japanese website where independent professionals can distribute their creations. These creations vary wildly. But they mostly focus on things like bags, clothing, acrylic stands, 3d models, jewelry, music, stickers and art. In ...

Hidden costs, efforts and requirements

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

Hidden costs Some avatars/items on require you to already possess certain things. For example, a base model, paid scripts and/or programs like Photoshop to make full use of all the features that are offered. This can add up quite a bit if it’s your ...

The language barrier

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

Almost all 3D model items from will have their basic requirements listed on their item store page. And to no one's surprise these are usually written down in Japanese. Translation Since learning Japanese is not covered in this guide, I will present ...

What you need to know about Zip files

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

Deciphering the store page might not provide all the necessary information. The next logical step would be to look for a readme file in the downloaded zip file, but this is where we potentially encounter our first serious roadblock. This is usually the first p...

Zip File

What else do you need?

Sheru’s avatar guide [WIP]

Avatar requirements This part is obsolete and currently being rewrite due to the introduction of VCCFor more information, please visit When looking in the readme file and the description on store page, you will be lookin...