UI Basics and Beyond

Basic information about using Unity UI in VRChat, example use cases and advanced concepts

Visual Components

Detailed information about all of the available visual components for UIs

Interaction Components

Detailed information about all of the available interaction components for UIs

Examples - Basic

Beginner level examples for getting started with UI in VRChat

Examples - Basic

Interactable World Space UI Canvas

This is still just the raw structure of the steps involved! Images and more details will be added soon.

1) Create a UI Canvas

Canvas is the root component of every UI




2) Make Canvas World Space


By default the render mode of the canvas will be set to "Screen Space - Overlay", meaning that the canvas will always overlay the game view. For a world space canvas we want to switch the mode to "World Space".

"Screen Space - Overlay" and "Screen Space - Camera" are not compatible with VR as a render mode for a HUD