First, we have the albedo map. The albedo map is uninteresting, but very important. It's where the colours of your material come from! What you'd put here is the same kind of texture that other engines would call a colour or diffuse map. To go into extra detail: "Albedo (al-bee-doh) is a measure of how much light that hits a surface is reflected without being absorbed." Note the "without being absorbed" part. That'll be important later.

After that, we have the Color. Wait, this isn't a texture! But here's something important and often overlooked - when you export a model from Blender, Blender typically changes the material colour to grey. When Unity loads the model, it sets the Color in the material to grey too, making the material duller! So, whenever you load in a new model to Unity, you should make sure the material colour is white and fully opaque.

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